Upon entering Reach Fieldhouse, the first thing that hits you is the massive olympic size boxing ring preceded by a plethora of punching bags. Reach offers a multitude of classes and training equipment.  However, boxing is rooted at the cornerstone of our values. A sport heralded by the tiresome effort and resolve of its participants is what we’re all about here. Head coach Arturo Salas brings an old school approach with decades of experience and even a few world titles (more on that later). His classes are completely scalable, from a novice beginner just putting on the gloves for the first time to the skilled professional looking to tighten his/ her game up before the big fight. This class is a butt kicker to say the least. For one hour you will be constantly moving, punching, running, jumping and much more. The class is formatted to pack in a full day of training into one hour, so you get a taste of the rigorous conditioning aspect, along with learning the technicalities of the sport. You will have one on one time with the coach in each class to ‘hit the mitts’ and receive critiques and tips on your fight game. The class is largely cardio and plyometric based. However, it does touch on the strength conditioning aspects related to the sport of boxing, which include bodyweight, core, and lean muscle development. 


You’re sitting at home on your couch, flipping the channels, and suddenly you stop on the sensation that has swept the nation known as American Ninja Warrior. While guffawing in astonishment, you are wondering: HOW IN THE WORLD DID THEY LEARN HOW TO DO THAT? Well, here at Reach Fieldhouse coach Stephen is breaking it down twice a week (speaking of, he is a pretty good break dancer too). In this fun-filled class you will develop muscles you didn’t even know you had and turn your body into an urban gymnast. Never done parkour before?  Don’t worry, neither had we before meeting Stephen. The essence of this class is getting a great workout while learning to use your body in ways you’d never thought possible. Parkour relies heavy on explosive movements and exceptional core strength. Coach Stephen will take you through the ropes of developing the muscles you need to succeed. We also provide a safe and scalable environment to begin working on technique and attempting movements. Are you an experienced parkourist (am I saying that right)? Come by open gym every Sunday and jump around! 

Chicago's Hardest Workout: AM Boot Camp

The slightly masochistic and deranged mind of our coach Kyle brings you the toughest workout in the city, and probably the entire Midwest. Coach Kyle is a professional endurance athlete and brings his own brand of training to Reach with some really unique approaches to team building and athleticism. This is perfect for anyone interested in or training for obstacle course races, or looking to challenge their physical ability.  Chicago’s hardest workout is all about pushing you to your limit and then breaking through it. You will lift 400lb tires as a team, bear crawl around the gym, buddy carry your classmates and much more. This brutally tough class leaves its participants feeling physically drained, but mentally accomplished. Think you have what it takes? Come find out. 

Pure Strength

Strength training is an integral part of any athlete’s routine. During our pure strength class we will break down the form and technique of lifting for strength. This half hour class is great for anyone looking to increase their explosive power and raw strength while focusing on one or two body parts. Participants will learn the proper technique for bench press, squat, deadlift and many more compound lifts. Safety is key when approaching this type of training, which is why we’ll spend time with each athlete focusing on their form. This class is also great for the experienced lifter who is having trouble breaking their personal bests. We will show ways to approach your strength training with the best results possible. 

Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT for short, is a great way to build strength and cardiovascular endurance. The class is designed to keep your heart rate pumping while performing various movements. Our coaches bring you through various movements that target different body parts throughout the workout. This is perfect for anyone looking for more structure in their workouts.  This hour long class will have you ramped up to a full sweat in the first few minutes. Our coaches will outline the set of movements, all of which are scalable to your own comfortability level. You will also learn body weight movements you can take with you later on, while cutting fat and building lean muscle. 

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